NEW EP, May 2023

It's only been a few weeks since the release of my album, Negative Plus, but since its issue I've finished a collection of songs which I want released in its wake asap. Sometimes I get into a writing frenzy…

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My Room Of Blue

‘My Room Of Blue’ is the flip side to 'Cleopatra (I Don't Love You) 2023 SINGLE MIX' which I released earlier in the year. 

It was produced a year or so ago but didn't find its place on either ‘Negative…

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'Je Veux' French language EP

I am proud to announce a new EP, not by me this time, but by friend and fellow female French music artist, RoBERT.

'Je Veux' EP is a selection of my early era Alien Skin songs, reworded and…

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NEGATIVE PLUS 2023 album

Negative Plus is my 14th CD album release since I began Alien Skin in 2008. 

From the earlier years of moody, slow paced, atmospherics that defined what I wished to do at the time, to later works that returned me…

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Cleopatra (I Don't Love You) Single Mix

Cleopatra (I Don't Love You) is a favourite of mine from the 2022 album, Put Your Lips On My Lips.  

I was never that happy with the final audio of this album track so I decided to retweak the…

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Boys Boys Boys

Boys Boys Boys is my new single track release. It's a song I wrote and recorded in the summer of 2021/2022. I never did finish it and then kind of forgot about it as I worked on the album 'Put…

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Cold War Pop video

Better late than never. I've uploaded a video I just made for the song 'Cold War Pop'. It's the title track from three albums ago (2021) but it continues to gather interest so I thought it time to…

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Hug Me Till You Drug Me

Hug Me Till You Drug Me is a song recorded whilst mixing my new Alien Skin album, Negative Plus. It gets tedious working with the same album songs over and over again so I took a couple  days off to…

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New Album 2023

It's closing in on Christmas time and currently I'm preparing a new Alien Skin album for an early 2023 release.

NEGATIVE PLUS will be my 14th CD issue since 2008 containing 14 tracks.

I actually removed a number of additional…

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Fad Gadget the video

Aside from always working on 'the next album' I like to take a break to clear my head by making simple videos for songs. 6 were made for 'Put Your Lips On My Lips'.

This time I went back an…

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The Handmaid's Tale (Under His Eye)

I have re-released a new mastered version of The Handmaid's Tale (Under His Eye). The writing of the song, back in 2018, was inspired by the TV series after I watched a few initial episodes. 

This Margaret Atwood fictional…

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New 2 Track Single

I have released a 2 track single, Saviour (Versions 2022).

It's a 2022 version of 2 favourite tracks, Saviour and Gloomy Sunday, from my 2008 debut Alien Skin album, Don't Open Till Doomsday. 

Both tracks are accompanied by YouTube music…

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