New YouTube Channel

Back in the early to mid 1980s I formed the band ‘Strange Silence’, we gigged around Melbourne, produced home recordings and pretty much got nowhere, it's a common trope.

Anyhow, I have a collection of old cassette recordings from the…

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'World' in 2023

WORLD is an instrumental I'm releasing today on Bandcamp.

I wrote and recorded it under precarious circumstances a couple of decades ago intended for my debut Alien Skin album Don't Open Till Doomsday. It still conjures up foreboding…

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Transparent In Black EP

'Transparent In Black' is my fourth EP release this year. The EP is now my preferred release format. It can be produced and made publicly available far more expediently than a 10+ track album.

Positive response to an artist's music…

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The Darkside of the Moon Single

The Darkside of the Moon backed with One More Hour  is a ‘double sided’ single I'm releasing to tie me over between the issue of the ‘Dark Days EP Series’ of 3 EPs and a new series beginning later in…

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'Crepe Goth Goddess' new release

Crepe Goth Goddess is a single release originally designated for the EP ‘The Beautiful Dead’ (2023), which is part 3 of my ‘Dark Days EP Series’.

It didn't quite work for me, stylistically, as far as having it included on…

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'The Beautiful Dead' is my third EP release in the ‘DARK DAYS EP SERIES’ and releases August 18.

Comprising 4 songs:
01 The Beautiful Dead
02 Blood
03 I Want You Inside My Skin
04 Carnival

The series includes ‘These…

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'Silence Is Noise' single

New single release, Silence Is Noise

The sessions beginning May 2023 that produced 2 related EP's, These Days Are the Darkest and Black Dance Days, commenced with the completion of this track which was never used.

I wrote…

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'Black Dance Days' EP released

Following the May release of my EPThese Days Are the Darkest’  I have released the companion EP ‘Black Dance Days’ which continues where the previous left off. 

Collectively, the 2 releases are part of my ‘Dark Days EP…

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'These Days Are the Darkest' EP release

It's only been a few weeks since the release of my album, Negative Plus, but since its issue I've finished a collection of songs which I want released in its wake asap. Sometimes I get into a writing frenzy…

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My Room Of Blue

‘My Room Of Blue’ is the flip side to 'Cleopatra (I Don't Love You) 2023 SINGLE MIX' which I released earlier in the year. 

It was produced a year or so ago but didn't find its place on either ‘Negative…

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'Je Veux' French language EP

I am proud to announce a new EP, not by me this time, but by friend and fellow female French music artist, RoBERT.

'Je Veux' EP is a selection of my early era Alien Skin songs, reworded and…

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NEGATIVE PLUS 2023 album

Negative Plus is my 14th CD album release since I began Alien Skin in 2008. 

From the earlier years of moody, slow paced, atmospherics that defined what I wished to do at the time, to later works that returned me…

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