Nihilistic EP

New EP at Bandcamp, Nihilistic

1. Nihilistic
2. She Said I Have No Good News to Bring
3. I Put Her Dress On
4. I Have Killed Myself

These are songs I began and completed in February/March after the completion of a number of single releases pursuant to ‘Let's Play Mortuary Dress Up' EP.

I add this to my ‘Dark Days EP Series’. The thread that binds it to the existing 5 series EPs should be apparent. I don't like discussing songs, I prefer an engaged listener to form their own tangents. In this way, songs have space to develop a greater personal meaning. My entire EP series is personal and relevant to me in a way that may not be to anyone else.

The EP continues my everlasting love of electronic post punk early 80s nuanced attack. Current bands that have been influencing what I do, to name drop, have been Clan of Xymox, Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away, Ash Code, Molchat Doma, although I don't think much of anything I do sounds like any of these.


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