My Beautiful Black EP

'MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK' is my new Alien Skin EP release. It's the seventh in the 'Dark Dance Days EP Series' which I began in 2023. The latest is always my favourite work and this, especially, is no different.

Track listing:
01 Equal and None
02 My Beautiful Black
03 Eyes More A.I. than Blue
04 Follow You Over the Precipice

After releasing my previous EP, 'Nihilistic,' I experienced significant issues with my right ear and overall hearing, which became seriously fatigued and painful. By all reasonable measures, I should have given my ears a rest for at least a few weeks. However, my voracious drive to create new music often overrides my health concerns.

Thus, I embarked on a new project, resulting in 'My Beautiful Black.' This EP has taken a toll on me, making it currently impossible for me to create further music—at least for now, I hope. Despite the challenges, 'My Beautiful Black' is an EP I am immensely proud of. The creation process was agonizing, but completing it against the odds is something I'm grateful for.

It's always fascinating how the genesis of songs can be influenced by my inspirations yet end up sounding totally different from them. One notable influence for this project was the British post-punk band Gang of Four from the late '70s, although their impact may not be apparent. Another influence is The Cure's album 'Pornography' from 1982. I find it difficult, if not impossible, to write anything that isn't darkly melancholic and the tracks on this EP reflect that enduring mood. The day this changes will likely be the day I stop making music, as I will have become someone else entirely.

'My Beautiful Black' is at Bandcamp. Collect it here.

Part 1 These Days Are the Darkest
Part 2 Black Dance Days
Part 3 The Beautiful Dead
Part 4 Transparent In Black
Part 5 Let's Play Mortuary Dress Up
Part 6 Nihilistic
Part 7 My Beautiful Black

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