The Happiest Face

The Happiest Face has a long history that dates back to circa 1990.
I've recorded it a number of times, it's undergone changes, mostly parts removed. 

Its inspiration at the time of its writing was my obsession with Depeche Mode's, Happiest Girl. I absolutely loved Violator in its day, and this song was a B Side. 

Whilst writing The Happiest Face, I always had the intention of changing that phrase but the lyrics I composed didn't work without it, it was set in stone for me, so I kept it. 

It often happens - original lyrics written simultaneously with a melody are difficult to then alter without the loss of what made the song idea sparkle to the writer in the first place.

Interesting fact: the original version of the song, from 1990, had a guitar motif as an intro and repeated afterwards. It's not on this version but I did re use it for the Real Life song, Beautiful Thing, I co-wrote with David Sterry. 

The guitar motif plays during the choruses as I used the same chords for both songs. Beautiful Thing is from our 2003 album, Imperfection. The guitar part is something I played and recorded back in 1990 using a sampled Les Paul guitar.

Anyhow, this final version is the definitive song. It was actually recorded in 2020, a personally harrowing time for me. I did a sombre YouTube video for it. It ain't pretty. It's not supposed to be.

‘The Happiest Face’ is at Bandcamp


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