ReMastered 'Negative Plus'

Negative Plus, released in March 2023, with 14 tracks, stands as my final Alien Skin full album, and is also the last one available on CD.

The process of writing, producing, recording, and engineering an album is incredibly demanding, often taking up to a year from start to finish. It's an exhausting endeavor, and given my relatively small audience, coupled with the shrinking attention spans of listeners today, I can't justify investing another year of time and creative energy into producing a new long player.

Negative Plus holds a special place in my heart, featuring some of my favorite tracks that I've released over the years, including "Rachel's Coming Home," "Your Death Kiss," “Please Come Home”, "I Keep A Photo of You" and "Negative," among others.

I wasn't satisfied with the original sound, so I decided to remaster it, enhancing the audio clarity to make it more exciting to the ear. 

Currently, the remastered album is available exclusively on Bandcamp. For those who have already purchased the album, there's no need to do anything – the remastered version is already in your Bandcamp Collection.

For others, if you haven't heard it yet, find it here-

Negative Plus at Bandcamp


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