Club in Seine EP

Club in Seine (ft. RoBERT) EP is a 3 track release on Bandcamp only. Earlier in the year French artist, RoBERT, and I recorded two tracks while she was here in Australia. Friend and collaborator, we have worked together previously via long continental distance, this time we wrote and recorded in the same room.

RoBERT has been recording and performing in France since the early 1990s, and was on Sony Music France for awhile at the beginning of her career. As often happens, big companies don't always demonstrate the greatest interest in all their rostered artists unless they're instant money spinners, and so she managed to extricate herself from that barren contract and continued independently. 

I must admit, none of the recordings I have made with her do her talent justice. Her back catalogue of albums, beginning from 1993 till 2012, demonstrate an intense artist at work. She's been mostly inactive, for personal reasons, over the past decade but at least I've had the honour of working with her a number of times.

In 2012 we released, as Plastic Art Noise, the CD album ‘Like Strangers Do’. In 2021, as RoBERT, she released  'Le Chant Des Egarés', being an album of earlier Alien Skin songs sung in her native language, with her own lyrics and themes. In 2023 I remixed some of those tracks for her and issued the EP ‘Je Veux’. 

I have great fondness for all these releases, especially Alien Skin songs in French. Some of these I much prefer to my originals. Check out those releases if you're interested.

Track 3 on the EP is my 1990s cassette demo of track one. How the two songs came to be is that I played her a number of my old demos from that era, two she immediately liked, she wrote lyrics, I re produced the tracks and we recorded.

1. Ici les étoiles pleurent (ft RoBERT) 05:05
2. Quelle belle histoire (ft RoBERT) 04:19    
3. 90s Cassette Demo One 04:11

Find ‘Club in Seine (ft. RoBERT)’ at Bandcamp only