Let's Play Mortuary Dress Up

'Let's Play Mortuary Dress Up' is my first EP release of 2024.

At the tail end of last year, following the runaway success (not) of my previous EP, 'Transparent in Black' I began writing the four tracks that would become the EP.

Though what I produce is never a 'runaway' nor a 'success' a small number of people nonetheless follow and appreciate what I do, so I do it for them, myself of course, and hopefully and potentially new interested listeners. To those of you that listen and return to my work I will always be grateful. Thank you.

The calamity that is the world stage mixed with my own personal barbed wire internal existence is the impetus behind the the songs on 'Let's Play Mortuary Dress Up'. The title track being born out of the bloody war play grounds of Gaza and Ukraine.

The EP is available at Bandcamp.

If you wish to to actively support the music I create please consider downloading from Bandcamp. 

On Spotify if you just want to stream.



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