Spotify with RoBERT

I have created a Spotify Playlist of selected songs I co-wrote and recorded with RoBERT. I also added ‘RoBERT’ as a menu item on this website as a quick link.

I have worked with the French artist on a number of projects beginning with the 2014 album, Like Strangers Do.

In 2021 she released, Le Chant Des Egar​é​s, an album of Alien Skin songs with new lyrics in French. I produced the music, similar to my originals from 2008 on wards but with enough variation and nuance for them to stand apart from my originals. RoBERT wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals.  Some of these tracks sung by her I prefer to my own Alien Skin versions.

In 2022 I produced a remix EP for her, Je Veux. Most of these tracks are remixes of songs from Le Chant Des Egar​é​s. I love this EP.

I subsequently produced a couple more releases, Je t'attends (Stadium mix), and Aurelie.

In early 2024, while visiting Australia, we recorded two new tracks, Ici les étoiles pleurent and Quelle belle histoire. Both songs were based on music demos I created in the 1990s. RoBERT chose these two from a multiple selection, wrote French lyrics, I then recreated and produced the music from scratch.

I have created the Spotify playlist, Alien Skin with RoBERT, to highlight some of my favourites and hopefully provide an opportunity for you to discover more of this artist which I love, but barely known outside her home of France.

NB, RoBERT has a back catalogue of releases beginning 1993 available on Spotify.

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