Bury Me in Shadows of Silence

Bury Me in Shadows of Silence is being released currently only on streaming services, I don't wish to overwhelm people who follow me on Bandcamp. The latter is primarily for those who prefer to support music by purchasing. It's less than a month since I released the EP ‘Let’s Play Mortuary Dress Up'.

I have so many songs completed that the best way for me to issue them more frequently is via streaming only.

Bury Me in Shadows of Silence is a mix of so many things in my head but when I speak them out aloud the analogy and connection seems broken: Joy Division, Neu, Nitzer Ebb, Lebanon Hanover and the mental suffocation experiencing loss.

On Spotify and all the rest

UPDATE: after having written the above I've gone back on my word and up it goes to Bandcamp after some encouragement from followers. I also added ‘I Shut Down’ a song from 2020 sharing a similar theme. This one was mastered at Abbey Road Studios along with my 2020 album, ‘New Romance: 1984’. I shelved it at the time, using another version but I thought I'd bring these two tracks together. They're twins but totally different. ‘I Shut Down’ was a difficult one to record vocals for as it was written for Irene, my wife, who died of cancer August, 2020.

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