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Spotify with RoBERT

I have created a Spotify Playlist of selected songs I co-wrote and recorded with RoBERT. I also added ‘RoBERT’ as a menu item on this website as a quick link.

I have worked with the French artist on a number…

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We Don't Want This

We Don't Want This, is a song I wrote and completed last week and wanted to release. I released the EP, NIHILISTIC, the other day but I had the compelling need, for what it's worth, to issue We

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Nihilistic EP

New EP at Bandcamp, Nihilistic

1. Nihilistic
2. She Said I Have No Good News to Bring
3. I Put Her Dress On
4. I Have Killed Myself

These are songs I began and completed in February/March after the…

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Come and See Me When I'm in My Head Alone

Come and See Me When I'm in My Head Alone and Kiss My Lips Before They Turn Blue are two tracks on my new single. If you wish to support the release and help with everything I issue you may…

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Bring Me Decay

Bring Me Decay is my first release of 2024, I had other intentions for it but subsequently decided it didn't fit comfortably enough with the other tracks so it's out on its own. I wanted a simple, direct, production, and…

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Sheena Was a Punk Rocker (She's a Fan)

'Sheena Was a Punk Rocker (She's a Fan)' b/w 'In Her Solitude'

These two tracks (construction versions) developed into 'She's a Fan' and 'Transparent In Black' respectively, from the EP, 'TRANSPARENT IN BLACK'.

'Sheena Was a Punk Rocker (She's a

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'Black Dance Days' EP released

Following the May release of my EPThese Days Are the Darkest’  I have released the companion EP ‘Black Dance Days’ which continues where the previous left off. 

Collectively, the 2 releases are part of my ‘Dark Days EP…

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'These Days Are the Darkest' EP release

It's only been a few weeks since the release of my album, Negative Plus, but since its issue I've finished a collection of songs which I want released in its wake asap. Sometimes I get into a writing frenzy…

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NEGATIVE PLUS 2023 album

Negative Plus is my 14th CD album release since I began Alien Skin in 2008. 

From the earlier years of moody, slow paced, atmospherics that defined what I wished to do at the time, to later works that returned me…

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Cleopatra (I Don't Love You) Single Mix

Cleopatra (I Don't Love You) is a favourite of mine from the 2022 album, Put Your Lips On My Lips.  

I was never that happy with the final audio of this album track so I decided to retweak the…

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Hug Me Till You Drug Me

Hug Me Till You Drug Me is a song recorded whilst mixing my new Alien Skin album, Negative Plus. It gets tedious working with the same album songs over and over again so I took a couple  days off to…

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New Album 2023

It's closing in on Christmas time and currently I'm preparing a new Alien Skin album for an early 2023 release.

NEGATIVE PLUS will be my 14th CD issue since 2008 containing 14 tracks.

I actually removed a number of additional…

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The Handmaid's Tale (Under His Eye)

I have re-released a new mastered version of The Handmaid's Tale (Under His Eye). The writing of the song, back in 2018, was inspired by the TV series after I watched a few initial episodes. 

This Margaret Atwood fictional…

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