'These Days Are the Darkest' EP release

It's only been a few weeks since the release of my album, Negative Plus, but since its issue I've finished a collection of songs which I want released in its wake asap. Sometimes I get into a writing frenzy at other times I find myself devoid of inspiration.   

What often inspires is a connection with another artist that I obsess over for a period. Enough time for that passion to trigger an ‘assembly line’ of new songs.  

2022's ‘Put Your Lip On My Lips’ is me listening to Clan of Xymox. ‘Negative Plus’ was triggered by Lebanon Hanover. This new EP has been inspired by ‘She Past Away’. Little of what I do ends up sounding like any of these bands but nonetheless what they do motivates my own creativity to work.  

These Days Are The Darkest is the new EP, released through Bandcamp  

01 Diazapam with Milk  
02 Gorgon  
03 Love Me To Death  
o4 Mausoleum  




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