Cold War Pop video

Better late than never. I've uploaded a video I just made for the song 'Cold War Pop'. It's the title track from three albums ago (2021) but it continues to gather interest so I thought it time to add a video to the music.

Soliciting submissions for a various artist post-punk album, Belgium's longtime electronic music magazine, Side-Line, included my submission of Cold War Pop. 44 songs were chosen out of 1,564 submitted. It was a blast to have made the short list and be included with so many other great tunes.

So, the songs has had a couple of lives already and is one of my most streamed tracks. I thought I'd make a video reflecting the atmosphere of the song within the confines of my limited resources. And believe me, they are limited. Anyhow, this is the best I can offer. If you check it out on YouTube and like it please leave a comment, I'd love to know it's appreciated!

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