"40 plus years of darkwave synth pop"

Alien Skin is 80s mode electronic darkwave pop from underground Australia.

George Pappas, performing as Alien Skin, is a former member of Real Life. The Australian synthesizer band topped 1984 charts with their million seller, Send Me An Angel.

Fired by the electronic music subculture that grew out of British post-punk, Alien Skin music is at once "atmospheric, melodic, quirky, on the fringe yet accessible" wrote one reviewer.

Upon leaving Real Life in 2005 recording commenced on what became the debut Alien Skin album, 'Don’t Open Till Doomsday'. The album found favour at the time with a MySpace audience of synthpop and darkwave fans, especially of 80s version Depeche Mode persuasion. It was through this social platform a strong fan base of support developed. Since 2008, 13 CD albums have been released including the 2022 issue, "Put Your Lips On My Lips".

ALIEN SKIN:   "I  remember the effect new bands from the UK had on me in the early 1980s. Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure and a similar coterie of others. An intoxicating new point of view, dark synthesizers and electronic rhythms, the angular and sculptured new fashions. A subculture that was so seductive and yet so far removed from downtown Australia."

"The pursuit of electropop music on my home turf - dominated by a dated rock industry - was a struggle against mainstream indifference throughout the 80s. But I hung on. The 80s didn't become 'THE 80s' till much later. In my music today I'm drawn towards the dark, the sorrowful and the bleak. I leave cheery disposition to those that express it better than me."

"My 'Real Life' era - the touring years - was a career highlight of course, but creating music as Alien Skin for a nuanced and new public wanting to hear that darker 80s aesthetic through the prism of my work is just as rewarding for me today."

Finally, why the name 'Alien Skin' ?

ALIEN SKIN: "During the writing of what became my first album, I wrote a one line song with the lyric 'the stranger within alien skin'. It's from this I took the name; the concept of remaining impenetrable to others while concealed within a facade. Coincidentally, I just read Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian novel 'The Handmaid's Tale' where her main character makes a similar observation: the need “to keep the core of yourself out of reach, enclosed, protected”. 'Alien skin' also implies feeling yourself a stranger within your own body sometimes. It's a psychological atmosphere which I thought was an appropriate representation of the music I wanted to write."

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'Put Your Lips On My Lips'

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