Alien Skin


ScentAir Records, Moscow, presents P.O.P. POP
The New Underground ElectroCinema Album

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“Alien Skin is sounding fantastic & fiercely poetic on this new album P.O.P. POP”– SleepingBag Studios

“P.O.P. POP is as atypical and retro-futuristic gazing as anything you’ll find in the dance & indiepop market...."
"Cinematic synthesizers, resonating analog sounds, dark poetry and melody converge to create the 10th and most adventurous Alien Skin album to date."– TunedLoud

“P.O.P. POP provides a hint of retro cinematography, letting you feel as if you’re involved in some crucial movie scene. It’s unexpectedly invigorating.” – StereoStickman

"P.O.P. POP is a disturbing electronic adventure, told in a smart and cinematic way of which we are amazed and invite everyone to listen.” – Atonium Magazine

The album will be available in jewel cased CD format and features 10 tracks.
P.O.P. POP is a sizable departure in sound and aesthetic attitude from previous Alien Skin releases; underground cinematic synthpop locks hands with electro-industrial pop.

Order the limited CD album from leading German online music store POPONAUT (Release date, Feb 8, 2019)
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SleepingBag Studios
 Atonium magazine 

Act I
01 Take Me to the Theatre
02 Monochrome
03 Byron Said to Mary
04 P.O.P. POP
05 Devil In the Detail
Act II
06 Charles Dickens
07 Aim With the Wrecking Ball
08 Isambard Kingdom Brunel
09 Endsong
10 Isn't It Cliche?

Byron Said To Mary