The Darkside of the Moon Single


The Darkside of the Moon backed with One More Hour  is a ‘double sided’ single I'm releasing to tie me over between the issue of the ‘Dark Days EP Series’ of 3 EPs and a new series beginning later in October. 

The new series follows in the spirit of the former. As of today I've only written and completed the first EP of 4 tracks, with hopefully more ideas to flow to enable more EPs in the series. That's the plan anyhow.

The Darkside of the Moon single intentionally breaks up the bombastic sound of the EP collections. These are two songs written a couple of years ago for an album I never released. I like them a lot so I didn't wish them to go to waste. They are me talking to Irene who died in 2020, most of what I've released since then deals with this theme in one way or another.

The single is available from BANDCAMP. Please support it if you can.


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