'The Beautiful Dead' is my third EP release in the ‘DARK DAYS EP SERIES’ and releases August 18.

Comprising 4 songs:
01 The Beautiful Dead
02 Blood
03 I Want You Inside My Skin
04 Carnival

The series includes ‘These Days Are the Darkest’ (May 2023) and ‘Black Dance Days’ (July 2023).

Each EP was written and recorded separately and sequentially and shares a similar theme and sound approach. It's been my purpose to continue in this vein and see how far I can take it. 

During different periods, and for subjective reasons pertaining to that period, which contribute to my pre existing mindset, I become enthused and motivated by the music of particular artists. I guess I want ‘to be them’ and become them vicariously through what I create imagining it is not me. The results always sound like me which is both good and bad depending on how I personally consider it and what time of day I think about it; my attitude may change the next day:) 

All three EPs have me obsessively listening to bands like ‘She Past Away’, ‘Clan of Xymox’, 'Molchat Doma' and one or two others. During this period I purposely avoid listening to music drastically opposed to this atmosphere, otherwise it will derail my focus.

The EP series has brought in new listeners and fans broadening my modest fanbase of support; I wish to thank all the online DJ's playing tracks and spreading the word. It's really helped:)

Usually one's most recent work is the favourite, and for me ‘The Beautiful Dead’ is no exception but the entire ‘Dark Days EP Series’ is best understood as a whole. I may one day compile them into an album.

The EP is available from Bandcamp



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