Alien Skin

The Secret Garden


'The Secret Garden' is the fourth Alien Skin CD album release.

Comprising eleven songs, each an electronic day dream, from the dark & brooding to the effervescent & quixotic.

CD artwork

Underpinned by the now recognizable Alien Skin treatment of unhurried melodies and crystalline, sensual beauty, 'The Secret Garden' has a whimsical mix of grey & blue skies encircling it. Melancholic atmosphere coninues to permeate the music but the boundaries are subtly pushed edgeways allowing slithers of light to resonate far more than on any previous album. ~Gautier

My Life in 'The Secret Garden'
'The Secret Garden' began life in 2012 as a bonus 4 track handmade CD/EP for the album 'Ghost In The Rain'. As the response to the EP was so positive, the impulse to release it with an extra couple of tracks eventually transformed into the idea of a full eleven track album instead. Key songs from the EP, 'The Secret Garden' and 'Save Me', have been remixed & remastered, the former enjoying a slightly modified arrangement. Nine new songs have been added.

Enter 'The Secret Garden'
'The Secret Garden' is eleven enigmatic songs...a magical oasis of frozen airports & inland seas, black lights & blue skies of marble, 19th century girls in their starched dresses & rouge, a sanctuary of summer love & winter coziness, enchanting human voices, clouds of melancholic atmosphere, basslines that slither like snakes, a smattering of 80s electronix, 60s psychedelic vibes & present day consciousness. 'The Secret Garden' is my favourite album yet!

Must Have Extra Bonus Tracks: When you buy 'The Secret Garden' either as a CD or download from, you will also get 2 additional bonus tracks, the original acoustic performances of the songs 'Sunny Day' & 'On A Fine Day'. These 2 recordings are live voice and guitar and presented with minimal processing. If you are keen, like me, on hearing early song construction prior full production then these are great examples. I think these versions possess their own unadorned charm.

Hear bonus acoustic songsnow hear the 2 bonus acoustic versions!

THE SECRET GARDEN album release videos!
Below is the full selection of videos produced for the release of the album as well as an interview with George discussing the songs.

Play 'The Secret Garden' album preview (2:41s)
Playlist Videos from the album

Below is a brief video interview in which I discuss the album and each song. I wish to thank Jo from Velvetstorm Media for her kind involvement.

Play 'The Secret Garden' album interview (4:46s)

If English is not your first language and you have problems understanding me, I have included a text transcript of the interview for you to read or translate. Click here to read the text. It will not interrupt the video.

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