Alien Skin

The Music Blog reviews The Unquiet Grave

The Music Blog reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

by Andreas Kuepper
22 Jamuary 2014

Alien Skin aka George Pappas (Formerly of the band “Real Life”). What a treat it was to discover his music again after many years. With so much territory to cover in his career I am going to focus in a bit on the “The Unquiet Grave” .

The album has instant appeal to the lover of darkly atmospheric Synth music. Making comparisons to others just doesn’t seem to work really in my opinion with Alien Skin, although,having said that, I have to say that George’s vocals which are used to great effect throughout the album, remind me just a little of Mark Almond who was another artist who brought great feeling and depth to the synth pop scene.

For me he has developed a sub genre within synth music all  of his own. The album has a  decidedly Gothic feel which definitely appeals to my sensibilities  and couple this with some wonderful ambience and you have an engaging and emotionally evocative collection of tracks. Poetically beautiful and soulful its an album to add to your collection for sure.

Check it out today. The album is available on Bandcamp just follow the link below. You can also head over to the website and nab yourself some very cool tracks for free!

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