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Don't Open Till Doomsday reviews

photo of album cover01 The Outer Limits
02 Razor Arms
03 Saviour
04 The Spirit Is Willing
05 It Doesn't Matter (I Want You)
06 Gloomy Sunday
07 For Always
08 Burning In My Hands
09 Dust To Ashes 1945
10 Alien Skin

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- As Pappas's solo debut outside of the band Real Life (remember the song "Send me an Angel"?), this album helps electro-pop emerge from the past and leap into today's realm of electronica. ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN

- Pappas describes Don't Open Till Doomsday as "a kaleidoscope of electronic melancholia - music for astronauts, aliens, and all marginal beings living at the frontiers." In many ways, this is the best description anyone could give this strange, beautiful record. Like a kaleidoscope, it seems to be in a constant state of flux, with the sound shifting almost imperceptibly as it works its way into the mind. BEATWIRE

- Music is extremely personal and safe...letting one fall backwards, and be caught in the bliss of the surreal, and the purity of lucidness. Alien Skin's album, Don't Open Till Doomsday, has effortlessly done that for me…and I hope for you too, after taking your own journey with the music of Alien Skin. GRAVE CONCERNS EZINE

- Don't Open Till Doomsday is a very enjoyable collection of subtly understated and carefully executed synthpop tracks that veers between melancholic ballads and more upbeat dance numbers, the debut of Alien Skin seems strangely titled, when really it should be opened and heard soon without further delay! Alien Skin's debut offers a maturity and expertise lacking in the majority of similar groups and is recommended. CONNEXION BIZARRE

- Don't Open Till Doomsday is a fascinating debut solo project for an equally fascinating artist. ALLMUSIC

- I love Alien Skin. I love the overall feeling of the songs. The entire concept. It is dark, romantic, sexy, powerful and simply beautiful. NATASHA BEAULIEU

- Don't Open Till Doomsday has an odd character, sometimes sensual and earthly while other times it's just like a lone abandoned spaceship floating in the immensity of space, this aspect could be related with the fact that the voice constitutes the organic component while the electronic ambience and rhythmic accompaniments are melancholic and cold, opaque in contrast.  HEATHEN HARVEST

- Alien Skin has a great feeling for arrangements and a great voice! Awesome tracks, my current favourites on this album are 'The Outer Limits' & 'Razor Arms'. DIBELL

- Fortunately, the complex simplicity of each of the ten tracks on Don't Open Till Doomsday gives you pause to listen over again and listen well to realize this is nothing of any past era but rather the future. MUEN MAGAZINE

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DON'T OPEN TILL DOOMSDAY ....a few afterthoughts by George

March 2008

I define the songs on Don't Open Till Doomsday, my debut Alien Skin album (released 2008), as a muted kaleidoscope of electronic melancholia. The colours may be dulled but I find that ironically inspiring.

From the outset the themes were consciously to be ones of isolation and alienation, of sadness, loss and despair. Having said that, I know it will attract a certain type of mind frame and eliminate others but in doing so I am relating to these people who really want to listen. The songs I believe take on a different atmosphere depending on the environment they're listened in. On a hot, bright summer's day they may appear almost invisible, but in the confines of a secluded and dark space they reconstitute themselves in the form I had intended for them. I think they work best heard in one sitting.

The sound is layered with analog synths, which I adore, and often with only sparse rhythms mixed in with digital textures and effects. More strident beats when they do appear are vital and dominant. As a lover of vocoders that electronically mutate the voice, I have them featured on a number of tracks, most notably, Burning In My Hands. The album was produced in the modest home studio I affectionately call 'Room With A View'. It is just that. I face a window looking out onto the street watching people go back and forth all day long. This meshing of work and voyeurism has resulted at least in one song on the album, Gloomy Sunday.

Influences on the album

As a songwriter, I have eclectic musical interests that span decades but many do not necessarily resonate in any obvious way in the works I produce. In defining the musical influences that inform, to varying degrees, the creative output of Alien Skin, I list here some of the more or less recent releases that continue to impact upon my work and especially on Don't Open Till Doomsday.

In no particular order: the cinematic charm of 'Felt Mountain' by Goldfrapp; the return to form of Depeche Mode on 'Playing the Angel'; the infectious electronics of Ladytron - notably their first two albums '604' and 'Light & Magic'; a little older but still vital, Underworld's 'Second Toughest in the Infants'; the seminal and essential Kraftwerk who's minimalist soundtracks transcend decades, and old skool Tangerine Dream.

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