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Timeline & Discography

Timeline (studio album releases)

2008 'Don't Open Till Doomsday' the birth of Alien Skin
In 2008, after a number of acclaimed albums and world tours with Real Life, covering the US, Europe and Australia, George Pappas morphed into Alien Skin releasing his highly praised debut album 'Don’t Open Till Doomsday'. Compared to Black Celebration era Depeche Mode and vocally to Martin Gore (DM) & David Sylvian (Japan), this body of work further established his signature sound of vast emptiness and icy, electronic melancholia.

[George] "...I want people, when listening to an Alien Skin album, to feel as if they've entered a secret world, one that isn't interchangeable with neighbouring worlds. Personally, I'm drawn to artists who are unique & thus identifiable. I enjoy music that has personality, warm or cold, it doesn't matter....I want it to have individual identity. In the beginning I was concerned about how to label the music & therefore who my audience may be, as no one could put it into a tight well defined I find this distinction a strength. When you hear Alien Skin, voice & music, you know who it is immediately."

2010 - 2012 'The Unquiet Grave' & 'Ghost in the Rain' albums
The release in 2010 of 'The Unquiet Grave' album found the music of Alien Skin continuing to attract thousands of new devotees across the world with atmospheric songs of seductive gothic ambience. The album became an instant fan favourite. With the issue in 2012 of 'Ghost In The Rain' the eerie, mysterious cinema of the first two albums was further refined carving out a unique niche.

2013 - 2014 'The Secret Garden' & 'Creature with the Human Face' albums
'The Secret Garden' from 2013 continues a fixation with songs of sculptured unhurried melodies and Alien Skin's own sense of murky, fluid electronic effervescence. This album introduces shards of light into the mix where once darkness held dominion and has become one of the best loved & most successful albums to date. Its follow up 'Creature with the Human Face' (2014) may be defined as a music picture-show full of science fiction fantasy, melancholic drama and ultra memorable tunes wrapped in characteristic Alien Skin foggy, electro atmosphere.

2015 'A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World' album
On this album we see a broad expansion of Alien Skin's musical vocabulary. Inviting US singer Deity to appear on the recordings produces a unique result, building on the signature of the preceding body of work without changing its essential character. It is the first time another voice is featured alongside Alien Skin on every track. A second human joins the machines.

2016 'Winter on Mars' album
'Winter on Mars' exudes a deceptively warm atmosphere but the chill of otherworldliness, alienation, melancholy & exclusion continue at its core. The album is a storybook of erratic characters and vignettes. Its considered 'retro' feel is still heavily immersed in Alien Skin's identifiable electronics and the ghostly, sensuous voice of Deity is reintroduced after her appearance on 'A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World'

2016 'European Electronic Cinema' album
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Don't Open Till Doomsday
CD album, issued Apr 8

01  The Outer Limits       
02  Razor Arms        
03  Saviour        
04  The Spirit is Willing        
05  It Doesn't Matter (I Want You)        
06  Gloomy Sunday        
07  For Always        
08  Burning in My Hands        
09  Dust to Ashes 1945        
10  Alien Skin

The Unquiet Grave
CD album, issued Mar 3

01  The Unquiet Grave       
02  History        
03  Love        
04  This Isolation        
05  Dirty Kisses (A Vampire Love Story)        
06  Cold        
07  Emily        
08  After the Funeral        
09  The Birthday Party    
10  Bleed        
11  If

Ghost In The Rain CD album, issued Feb 22

01  Vintage     
02  Ghost In The Rain      
03  Stay With Me      
04  Brigitte      
05  Perfect World      
06  Candy Lips      
07  Vanishing Girl       
08  Vampyra      
09  Cynthia   
10  Music Box Doll 

Summer of Love (ft. Steve Kilbey) download only, issued Sep 6

01 Summer of Love

VOLUME ONE digital album, issued Sep 12( Bandcamp Only)

01 Rain or Sunshine
02 Robots with Cellos
03 I Wanna Be with You
04 Wall to Wall Skin
05 Love Behind the Iron Curtain
06 Visitors at Midnight
07 Swinging 60s Spacecraft Radio
08 Sputnik 57
09 Femme Noir
10 Waking the Dead
11 Urban Paranoia
12 Faust on the Dead Planet
13 Beach Freakout
14 Clara's Club Theme
15 My Vampiress

The Secret Garden
CD album, issued May 24

01 The Secret Garden      
02 Save Me
03 Crushing Flowers
04 19th Century Girl
05 Here You Are
06 On A Fine Day
07 Airports
08 Blue
09 Sunny Day
10 Oh Mercy Moonlight
11 End of the Season

Creature with the Human Face CD album, issued April 1

01 Creature with the Human Face
02 Life on Earth
03 And Through the Clouds
04 At Night She's Dark
05 Temple Bar in Dublin
06 Darkness Knows No Shame
07 Amelia
08 In Liquid Glass I Float
09 Last Man in the World
10 Melancholy Song
11 Doctor in Space

Winter Kills All It Sees digital album, issued May 7 (Bandcamp only)
Singles compilation album

01 Winter Kills All It Sees
02 The Model [Kraftwerk cover]
03 Simon & Garfunkel
04 I'm Your Machine
05 Be My Baby [Ronettes cover]
06 For Always [Morgue of Silence mix]
07 Prisoner of the Tower
08 After the Funeral [Roughhausen mix]
09 Belong
10 Burning in my Hands [EVA mix]
11 1000 Feet Below
12 Smell of Rain
13 With Your Sad Eyes (with Phil Kearney)
14 She Sells Seashells (ft. Phil Kearney/vocals)

A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World
CD album, issued Feb 2

01 The One with the Strangest of Eyes
02 Baltic Sea
03 Your Voice
04 Sad Lisa Smile
05 Hey Christine
06 Strawberry Garden
07 Monday Mornings I Abhor
08 She's Ephemeral
09 Eloise Woods
10 A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World
11 Happier Now

Winter on Mars
CD album, issued March 1

01 Winter on Mars
02 The Empty Wait
03 Language of Love
04 Jasmine
05 Happier than Blue
06 Mother of Mine
07 She's Paper Thin
08 The Penny Whistler
09 Patch of Grass
10 Cornwall
11 Mars Epilogue

Tomorrow's Dead digital album, issued Apr 25 (Bandcamp only)
Singles compilation album Volume 2

01 Tomorrow's Dead    
02 Femme Fatale     
03 Save the Last Dance for Me
04 The Child Knows    
05 Samantha and Valentino
06 No Life On Mars
07 Every Colour On My Palette
08 The Wishing Well    
09 Signal Fade
10 The Secret Garden (naked vox mix)    
11 Words Don't Say Enough
12 Plastic Lives
13 She's Out of My Head    
14 Waters Are Rising
15 Grand Designs
16 China Red and Prussian Blue
17 Autumn My Favourite Interlude
18 Make It Dark Again
19 Newspaper Colours
20 Fragments of Time
21 Singapore Girl    
22 Ghost Ships
23 Ladies and Lords
24 Home by Another Name
25 Razors In My Eyes
26 Cold (outtake 1
27 Cold (outtake 2)
28 Cold (instrumental demo)
29 Be My Angel

European Electronic Cinema CD album, issued September 2

01 June is the Coldest Time
02 Terror Ist
03 I Love Art Deco
04 All Tomorrow's Cares
05 Platinum Good Looks
06 Prettiest Flower
07 Sterile in Blue
08 I Still Think of You
09 The Emporer's Tram Girl
10 My Polaroid Friend

A December Christmas Digital single only, December 20

the Only One Digital single only, August 7

01 You're the Only One
02 Wasted

1980 REDUX
Digital album, issued August 21

01 1980 You Were a Boy
02 I Am Adam (ft Mary Shelley0
03 Sad Ghost
04 This Fantastic Voyage
05 I Need Voltage
06 The Berlin Trilogy
07 Atoms Dangling Endlessly
08 Walk on Water
09 In a Film
10 The Playground of Syd Barrett
11 Dark Star

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igital album, issued August 21