Alien Skin

Creature with the Human Face

Creature with the Human Face  2014 album

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Creature with the Human Face
is the 2014 Alien Skin CD album available from Cdbaby, Bandcamp, iTunes & everywhere else including real street shops!

"Creature with the Human Face, the 5th Alien Skin CD release, is a consummate album where electronic warmth and coldness coexist harmoniously with human voices. Quirky synth motifs and a generous apportioning of sci-fi reverie supplement haunting, wistful grimness that is disguised at times as exuberant pop.

"Florid language may well describe it as atmospheric clouds of sound interlaced with elements of sci-fi fantasy and cinematic drama. It enjoys playfully subverting pop-cult iconography such as 'Dr Who' and 'I Am Legend' while simultaneously inhaling the musty velvet-bound bookish melancholia of Victorian era drawing rooms. But perhaps its beguiling & lasting appeal is best found in its charismatic melodies and songs that will confidently be remembered well after the switch is flicked at the end of its eleven tracks."  ~T. Simeon

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