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A music deity since his emergence in the 1960's the majesty of Leonard Cohen continues to grace us with a new album, You Want it Darker, at the remarkable age of 82.

My mum had already been in a mental and physical hell with dementia by that age; my dad almost blind with aged related macular degeneration, personally helpless and in an aged care home at 82.....Leonard Cohen remains a breath of fresh air to my ears and judging by the acclaim this album is receiving universally - is a breath of fresh air to so many people.

I congratulate the man and the artist, he is tireless and extraordinarily gifted in being able to continuing connection with so many people with his songs. His son Adam is also on this album as guitarist and producer.

I tip my hat to you Leonard...I was torn with the death of David Bowie in January this year upon the release of his final album, Blackstar, this year closes with possibly, the final release of another of the few major music geniuses of our 20th century post-war era still alive.

Stream the full album YOU WANT IT DARKER for free at SPOTIFY -

Show your respect and support to the man by buying it if you love it as much as I do...


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