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Photo of artworkWinter Kills All It Sees is both a new compilation of singles not found on any previous Alien Skin album AND a new song written for the 'Creature with the Human Face' album (2014) but omitted from the final track selection. All in all a total of 14 hard to find tracks.

Sometimes songs get left behind. If they are written with the view of being on an up coming album but don't quite fit for one reason or another, they may end up being forgotten.

When I was producing the 'Creature with the Human Face' album, one of my favourite songs was Winter Kills All It Sees but, alas, the songs I subsequently wrote didn't sit well with it so I abandoned the track. Rather than lose it completely I thought of making it available to my guest list members with Newsletter #24, as well as making it the title song of an Alien Skin singles collection on Bandcamp.

Winter Kills All It Sees: Singles Collection is the collection of all Alien Skin single tracks not found on released albums or extended plays. Chronologically it begins in 2008 with the song '1000 Feet Below' and concludes with the title track.

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