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Discography montageAll 14 official Alien Skin releases going to 3 winners!

To mark the imminent release of the new Alien Skin CD album The Secret Garden, I am giving away the entire current Alien Skin back catalog to 3 VIP Guest List members.

See how to win, below.

Only members are eligible to win.
If you're not a member and wish to become one you may do so by subscribing here!

That's a total of 14 official releases:

01 Ghost In The Rain (album)
02 The Unquiet Grave (album)
03 Don't Open Till Doomsday (album)
04 Volume One (album)
05 Cold (EP)
06 Summer of Love (single)
07 For Always_Morgue of Silence mix (single)
08 The Model (single)
09 With Your Sad Eyes (single)
10 Burning In My Hands (EVA mix)
11 Belong (single)
12 1000 Feet Below (single)
13 After the Funeral_Roughhausen mix (single)
14 She Sells Seashells (single)

Red Arrow
How You Can Win...

'Ghost In The Rain' my previous album, has 3 tracks with female names as song titles. Two of these songs are...

1.  Cynthia
2.  Vampyra
3.  ??

QUESTION: what is the 3rd song with a female name?
Find your answer without much effort on my BANDCAMP page.

Then email me the answer at

As winners I'll pick 3 people (at random & even blindfolded) who have answered correctly & shall announce the result next week. All titles will then be made available for you to download. So get cracking!

Remember the competition ends May 20th, 2013 & you must be a guest list member to enter!

THE SECRET GARDEN More details with regards to the new album coming very soon!

Good Luck!!


2013-05-19 16:46:39 - George Milhe
Thank you for keeping us grounded and entertained with your music George....
2013-05-14 17:46:40 - Michael Brown
Thank you very much for this competition and all your generosity and other acts of kindness to your fans. We appreciate it. And of course, thank you for making such great music. :-)
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