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'Ghost In The Rain' my new Alien Skin CD album is scheduled for worldwide release on February 22, 2012.

I made a conscious decision not to conflict with Valentine's Day, the week before, as the release will 'disappear' in the frenzied slipstream of gushing romantic sentiments & floral gift buying:)

'Ghost In The Rain' will contain 10 new songs, recorded during the Australian winter of 2011, and I believe it reflects the atmosphere of the season well. Although we are now sweltering in mid summer heat, most of you in the northern hemisphere will be able to better relate to the chill of foggy, rainy, ghostly nights that I attempt to conjure up.

                                    Also, Special Free Offer: 'THE SECRET GARDEN' CD

As a special promotional offer, I have created a HandMade CD: The Secret Garden, which has an additional 4 songs of equal aesthetic quality as on 'Ghost In The Rain'. It was recorded at the same time as the album.

If you buy the CD version of 'Ghost In The Rain' from CDBABY (at retail price) or directly from my Alien Skin website, I will personally burn and mail you a unique CD copy of 'The Secret Garden', a collectible item, signed by myself and with your name hand written on it.

This is a very limited one time offer and finishes March 1st, 2012.

Remember, 'The Secret Garden' CD is ONLY available if you purchase from CDBABY or the Alien Skin official website. It is NOT available from any other sources. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me using the 'Contact' menu tab on this site.

The web link to CDBABY will be posted closer to the release of 'Ghost In The Rain', as the CD hasn't been manufactured yet, so I don't have a link:)

The Secret Garden HandMade Limited Edition CD

The Secret Garden CD is not mass manufactured; I made it with my own two hands but this is what makes it unique and intimate. I hope you agree!

Now stay tuned for further news, it's developing pretty fast from this point on, and I'll soon have some new videos to premier, plus more details and previews of songs from both CD's. It's going to be a busy time and lots of NEW Alien Skin music!

Also read: related new website menu 'Ghost In The Rain' on the Navigation Bar.

BTW the background music track on the video is a demo that developed into the song 'Perfect World' from 'Ghost In The Rain'


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2012-01-18 17:41:24 - DEITY
I would love to have the key to the secret garden ♫
2012-01-11 05:04:45 - Kathrin
Oh George, that's just wonderful- Thank you dear George . LG Kathrin
2012-01-09 03:29:22 - Saliha Gül Tekoğlu
I felt myself sitting by the window and watching outside on a dark rainy day, once again! Even by looking at the CD cover! I can't imagine how the music inside will affect me. I'm very excited, George:). 'The Secret Garden' also excites me, as it's a special gift from you, made with your own two hands:)
2012-01-08 23:14:05 - patricia robert
George!! It's wonderful !! I've not words at moment for to tell you my joy! Your work is always wonderful ! Thank you ! :)
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