Alien Skin


VOLUME ONE imageVOLUME ONE is a new album release of various song demos, mostly produced during the 1990s when I was with Real Life. The album is only available from BANDCAMP.

Below are the liner notes:

Being demos & pulsating dreams this album may not have the sonic high quality of my Alien Skin album releases from 'Don't Open Till Doomsday' (2008) onwards. I nonetheless believe it may be of interest to people keen on understanding this early era from which my music evolved into the Alien Skin that you know today.

"...once upon a time, during the 1990s, there was I, busy pushing buttons on instruments and glued to a computer monitor, slicing and dicing samples and raw synths.

Holed up in a room & working feverishly on potential new tunes for the latest Real Life records, I felt far removed from the earlier reverberations of 'Send Me An Angel', divorced by the distance of time.

The continuous labour towards the next Real Life album and world tour was intermittently disrupted by labour of love excursions into different musical territories. This musical body of work, when DNA tested, reveals traces of Kraftwerk, Beck, Moby, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Underworld & a smattering of 1960s psychedelic pop.

'Volume ONE' contains 2 full songs with my vocals, the remaining 14 tracks are music.

This music was never intended to become 'instrumental' stand alone tracks, but rather was waiting for vocals to be layered on top. Having produced more music than I could ever in my lifetime write songs for, inevitably much of it gets left behind. These tracks then are some I fondly wish to be discovered by people who care to enter my earlier conscious world. Somewhere between the shared musical imagination of Real Life & Alien Skin."



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