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Synthstock 200 PosterReviewed in Emininent Domain by Jimm Kjelgaard, a long time veteran of the music industry in the US. He was the man responsible for organizing Synthstock 2000 (August, 2000), Salt Lake City US in which Real Life (my prior band) performed on a bill headlined by OMD. It was an unforgettable evening for me. Below is an excerpt of 'The Secret Garden' album review, you may read the entire piece on the Eminent Domain website.

"...many synth-pop albums fall victim to the very technology used to make them, which is to say that many artists focus more on cool sounds or f/x and studio tricks to attract the listener, as opposed to writing an actual song that can stand on its own merit. In other words, there should always be a song in there despite the technology. Alien Skin never falls victim to his own technology. His songs are all built upon a solid musical foundation of great melody and fluid harmonies. This is demonstrated very clearly with the acoustic demos of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘On A Fine Day’. They sound every bit as good in their stripped-down state as they do in their fully-synthesized state. The songs are strong and stand on their own merit. That’s the hallmark of a truly great songwriter.

'The Secret Garden
' is my favourite Alien Skin album thus far. It’s one of those unique albums that must be listened to from start to finish in order to get the full scope of how deeply rich and magnificent it is. It’s dreamy, it’s deliciously dark, deceptively sweet, and nobody does it better than Alien Skin. It’s dark synth-pop at its best.

I’m awarding The Secret Garden five out of five stars. It’s one of the most solid and enjoyable synth-pop albums released this year, and it’s Alien Skin at its very best. The Secret Garden is a must-have for any synth-pop/darkwave fan."

Read the full review at the Eminent Domain website.

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