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Sounds  Of  'The Secret Garden'

After the dark and rainy concept of 'Ghost In The Rain' (the previous Alien Skin album), his new album The Secret Garden reflects the secret garden atmosphere in general ; peaceful and relaxing. The music immediately surrounds you, takes you in it, and you definitely enjoy those special precious Alien Skin moments stolen from time.

When I first listened to the album in its entirety, I felt myself as if I was listening to Alien Skin tell his voyage to The Secret Garden, and his life in there. Each song is like an episode of an entertaining novel, or a scene from a dramatic movie, starring Alien Skin. Each song explains another state of mind, within the frame of indispensable elements of Alien Skin music, which are melancholia, sad romanticism and introspection.

The Secret Garden , an ALL TIME FAVOURITE for me, is a real treasure buried by Alien Skin 28 years ago and brought to daylight today. It inevitably takes you to a higher place, and makes you feel like you’re on clouds. The perfect mixture of sweet melodies with the smooth strong voice of Alien Skin definitely makes you feel like you’re in your own secret garden.

Save Me floats like a river, with its powerful sound and excellently mixed (arranged) fluent melodies.

Crushing Flowers tells how love can turn into hate…

19th Century Girl
, the delicate flower of ‘The Secret Garden’…. A vintage touch to the album. You can easily visualize the film noir while listening to it.

Here You Are explains so well, that loving hearts are one, even if they are far away from each other… Melodically it reminds you of 80s’ synthpop tunes.

On A Fine Day is like a spring day in ‘The Secret Garden’, full of revival and hope. It tells the patient waiting for meeting the beloved one.

Airports, stuck in Praque on a winter’s day, so far from home, so far from the secret garden.

Blue, the ‘true colour’ of ‘The Secret Garden’, explains the melancholic vicious circle of life, love and being blue. A never ending story…

Sunny Day is like a summer day in ‘The Secret Garden’, full of joy and happiness.

Oh Mercy Moonlight, the dark side of ‘The Secret Garden’. The wonderful fade – out makes you feel like you’re watching the shooting stars fall.

End Of The Season, happy ending in ‘The Secret Garden’; expressing the inner peace - in a sweet harmony of music and lyrics - without losing the melancholia inside, and hiding it deep down somewhere…

The most important and beautiful feature of Alien Skin music can be noticed in The Secret Garden as well; the songs consist of many distinct parts bound together perfectly. Therefore you never get bored, and you even get amazed and fascinated by this.

Each listen is like a drop of serum, floating through your veins into your heart, so drop by drop you become an Alien Skin addict…

Alien Skin surprises and enchants you with every new album. Each new album takes you in itself and becomes your favourite, but that doesn’t let you forget the previous ones; you can always listen to his previous albums without losing the enthusiasm. Alien Skin songs never get worn out or old-fashioned. There is always something new and different to explore in Alien Skin music, but that wouldn’t stop you from going back, and losing yourself in Razor Arms, getting crazy with Love and being captivated by the Vanishing Girl… So the voyage with Alien Skin never ends…

I shouldn’t definitely finish my words without mentioning the admirable vocal performance of Alien Skin, in all of the songs, but especially in ‘The Secret Garden’, which is absolutely perfect, as much as the song itself. So soft, smooth and relaxing. He uses his voice so well, that his voice itself becomes a melody on its own in some of the songs.

So don’t reject his invitation, enter The Secret Garden, and float away with Alien Skin…

[ special thank you to Saliha who forwarded this generous review to me from Istanbul, Turkey. George]

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