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image of GeorgeThis blog is a response to frequent requests by musicians for me to review their music.

I am often contacted by musicians to listen to their music and comment. I personally don't enjoy judging the work of others and as a musician myself, with my own very specific tastes, I find it difficult to 'connect' with what they do on most occasions and thus feel uncomfortable expressing a view. I have never liked generic responses which I consider dismissive and spurious, so I usually keep clear of such engagement.

Possibly many people fail to pay close attention to the 'actual music' I create. Generally speaking, as Alien Skin I produce electronic 'song based' tracks that favour atmosphere, structured melody and minor key melancholia; songs that affect the imagination and emotion more than the body. I use slower micro beats rather than dance rhythms. I have always maintained my love of songwriters & vocal songs over instrumental productions and my influences reach deep into the history of post-war western music. So far, the majority of music I have been given to listen to bares no resemblance to what I produce.

If the music presented to me does not take into account all the above factors then it's probably not going to resonate well with me. I can only respond to other people's work subjectively, ie offer an opinion based on my own honed tastes and therefore my opinions are rarely what they want to hear from me. Honestly, I feel under qualified in most cases to give advice. It is therefore best that a new (or old) musician finds someone who produces similar type of work (and specifically rather than generally) to review one's music rather than me.

I wish everyone lots of luck in improving your skills and to never be in a great rush to proclaim oneself an artist - that arrives with merit and hopefully this will be achieved with time and hard work. I'm still working on it myself, everyday.

I wish to conclude, by saying that - both as Alien Skin & Real Life - I have worked with some very talented people over the years (some that I have met over the internet) who presented their work to me in this very same way. I guess...nothing's impossible:)

If any musician wishes to comment on the themes expressed here, I'd be keen to hear your thoughts. Everyone else is welcome too!

PS I think many of us resemble the blog title quite well at different times, I certainly do:)


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2012-11-19 01:45:13 - Saliha
Hi, I'm the everyone else:) Is there any other example except you in your own category ? You and your music are unique...
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