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Ghost In The Rain CD artwork'Ghost In The Rain' was released February 22, 2012 and I must admit I was surprised by the enthusiasm demonstrated by people in ordering it. The only retail source of sale for the CD was CdBaby (online/US) and the initial stock I delivered to the company ran out fast, but as of writing a new shipment has arrived from Australia to cover all back orders.

I won't pretend that the absolute volume of sales is mega, Alien Skin is not Depeche Mode or the latest radio band out there. I work within relative obscurity, as do most self financed minor artists; and the reality of being able - from this position - to do much more than what I have achieved with 'Ghost In The Rain', is a hope that cannot be easily realised.

I therefore wish to say thank you very much to all my supportive, special friends & fans (you know who you are - and I'm speaking personally to you) who rushed in to purchase the album. Thanks to each and everyone of you and I hope you thoroughly enjoy 'Ghost In The Rain'. I especially wish to single out the people who bought the CD version and in return I have mailed you, as a gift, my own personal, signed CD of 'The Secret Garden'. This unique presentation of 'The Secret Garden' is no longer available, so you are the only ones in the world to have it in your collection!

I have also recorded an audio commentary covering every song on 'Ghost In The Rain: a background to the making of each track which I trust will provide you a better appreciation of the songs. You can listen to this on my Ghost In The Rain page.

In closing, to the people who have bought the album or who intend to do so, thank you again for caring enough to add your support to the making of more Alien Skin music!


2012-03-12 00:18:09 - DEITY
Thank you George! I am grateful to be one of the special few to have the EP along with the Ghost in The Rain Album. Your song writing skill is precious. Looking forward to more music from you in the future ♥
2012-03-03 14:53:20 - Saliha Gül Tekoğlu
You made me love my own melancholia and taught me how to cope with it. One day, if something bad happens, I will know that I'm not alone in this. Thank you George...
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