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My music background begins in the dim dark age of the early 70s fresh from the exuberance of 60s music just a wee bit earlier. I began as a guitarist pursuing, as was the demand of the day, guitar based hard rock music, I played in bands while still at school and continued after completing secondary school.


I was a hard nosed electric guitar aficionado, but my obsession with the instrument, a Gibson Les Paul, loud Marshall amps and soaring hard edged solos began to wane as the decade came to end. Synthesizers and the art of producing songs bereft of noisy guitar chords and their obligatory arrangement structures were something I cautiously began to like. By 1982 I was ready to purge everything I had hitherto musically called 'home', sold all my gear and began collecting electronic devices; synths, sequencers & drum machines. I knew very little about them, but this new excitement was hard to contain. It was 1983 that I began putting together a new band, Strange Silence, from the remnants of the old; we had numerous lineup changes. I must admit it took some time to come to terms with a new way of creating music, it didn't always work but I personally loved the experience. We made it up as we went along, there was no internet to easily communicate ideas and learn from others, the world was a 'bigger place' back then and everything was done the HARD WAY:)

Below I have posted 2 videos of 'Strange Silence'. Gigs we did in Melbourne 1986. The recording is just a simple 8mm camera a friend in the audience used, so the audio & visual is less than stellar but it's a bit of history, my history and some great memories for me. Video One is a montage,Video 2 is 'Writing' (co-written with dynamo vocalist Stephen Beckett.)



2016-02-19 17:50:18 - Andrew Tosolini
Thanks George I thought the old VHS tapes we made where lost, great to hear you are still out there making music, both my kids who by the way are 19 and 22 had a laugh at their old man slapping a bass. Are you still in touch with John and Steve? Thanks again for the blast from the past. Cheers
2014-03-19 13:48:19 - Kage Alan
You know, I miss the 1980s. Some of the best music came out of that decade. The creativity was at an all time high and the melodies have never quite been matched. Love the blast from the past videos. Good music, George. =)
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