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Colin Blunstone of the Zombies photo

I rediscovered Colin Blunstone the other day on a YouTube video performing 'Say You Don't Mind' live on British TV's 'Old Grey Whistle Test' 1971. The wistful melody together with his gorgeous plaintive voice and the ever so graceful, charming string arrangement made me fall in the love with the song & the entire experience.

Blunstone was and still is (occasional tours) the vocalist for The Zombies, one of the original British Invasion bands. Their 1964 smash 'She's Not There' is a rock classic. I didn't know much about the man but after a little research I've come to admire his work. I absolutely love the music period in which 'Say You Don't Mind' was recorded...full of memorable, melodic glory and irresistible arrangements. This song has it all for me, it's a masterful gem & I derive a lot of pleasure from such enduring works. Incidentally, Denny Laine, who worked with Paul McCartney in Wings & also the Moody Blues wrote the song in 1967. Blunstone's voice is so beautifully engaging in this live performance and that's why I chose the below video to show you.

I've also included 'Caroline Goodbye' a song he wrote after his breakup with actress & James Bond girl, Caroline Munro. Both songs are from his 1971 debut solo album, 'One Year'. Finally, I've added a clip of 'She's Not There' from 1964. Colin still tours solo and with The Zombies; the band released a 50th anniversary new album in 2011.

Say You Don't Mind (1971)

Caroline Goodbye (1971)

She's Not There (The Zombies 1964)

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