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Below I publish a post submitted to me by Saliha, an Alien Skin fan from Istanbul, Turkey. I wish to thank her for her sentiments and the time expended writing this personal blog.

"...if you like music with electronic soul you'll love Alien Skin"

When you grow older, it becomes more difficult to like something which is new or different for you. As you already have your own tastes and favourites, it’s hard to like something different  unless it’s really qualified or unique. It happened exactly this way in my case with Alien Skin.

I have a very selective musical taste; in fact, there has been only one major band for me, Depeche Mode, and of course only one artist, Martin L. Gore until the moment I met Alien Skin.

What I like about Alien Skin, both musically and personally…

First of all, Alien Skin’s music is a perfect mixture of meaningful lyrics that affect you deeply, fascinating fluent melodies that exhilarate your soul and an impressive powerful sound. And in addition to all of these, his soft, smooth and relaxing voice that  doesn’t go away from your ears…

The most important characteristic I like about Alien Skin’s music is, that it’s far from being monotone; the melody  never repeats itself continuously  during the song, so you never get bored and you may even be surprised by various tunes within the same song.  Both the music and the sound are rich and satisfying.

The lyrics are so affective and sincere that you can feel his unburdening his heart and soul. A good example for that is my favourite ‘Razor Arms’.

Looking from the musical perspective, Alien Skin is a multi-talented artist; he is a singer, song-writer, composer, keyboardist and even a writer. His doing everything by himself, is also another feature to be appreciated. In other words, he is a COMPLETE ARTIST!

Last but not least, his personality; I appreciate his attitude towards his fans, his giving importance to them, his being accessible, his kindness and many more. He is such a polite gentleman!

I love ALIEN SKIN and his melancholic, sadly romantic, introspective music, and I hope this lasts forever!


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2012-02-07 03:40:18 - Alien Skin
Cheers Patricia & Kage. Thank you so much for contributing comments
2012-02-07 02:22:27 - Kage Alan
Wonderfully stated blog post! It definitely shows an appreciation for what you've done. I think it helps that you don't have a label constantly looking over your shoulder trying to get you to churn out the next biggest pop hit, thereby allowing you to stick with your artistic side and do what YOU want.
2012-02-06 01:26:02 - patricia robert
I agree with Saliha ! And, I would have liked to write myself these words! :) It's the same for me. Since two years, I listen this great artist, I support him in his work, I speak with this lovely man, but my words in English are not enough strong for to tell how I love Alien Skin and his music, and really, sometime, I'm sorry, and frustrated because I not find the true words for tell all that I want to tell to George. The last year, I've written an article "in English" about Alien Skin for a friend who is fan too. I surpassed my possibilities!! :) I will never forget the first time I heard his voice and his music. Just I think he knows that I love him a lot. Patricia Robert
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