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Real Life didn't stop with Send Me An Angel or Heartland, the 1983 best seller vinyl album it came from. Throughout the 80s the band continued with more hit records & touring, especially in the US, Germany, Japan & Australia.

Happy CD CoverAfter a hiatus of a number of years in the 90s, due to debilitating record label & management woes, we resumed producing music & toured from 1995 onwards. Now firmly independent, with no major label financial support, we struggled against enormous odds but succeeded in producing 2 further albums and an additional 2 remix albums. In the days before social media and press-button computer desktop recording systems, it was thoroughly a protracted labour of love. On the strength of these albums we toured the US another 3 times, Germany & Australia.

Although the physical CDs are rare & hard to find, now for the first time the albums are available as downloads from BANDCAMP. This is exciting because not only does Bandcamp provide high quality 320bps MP3s, but also a variety of high fidelity CD quality formats for those demanding much more from download audio.

Find these albums at BANDCAMP....

Happy (1997 album)
Happier (1999 album bundled with Happy)
Imperfection (US 2004 double album)
Oblivion (2004 single with remixes)

Some of my personal song favorites are We Shall Overcome, Learning How to Breathe, Meltdown, Beautiful Thing, Deep Sleep, Oblivion, Celebrate (Don Nadi mix), Kamikaze (Aero mix). Aside from this brief, off the top of my head selection, there's another 40 plus tracks for you to check out & to hopefully support the music makers and make a purchase.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of our back catalog, including songs like Send Me An Angel, Catch Me I'm Falling, Flame etc have copyrights that are solely owned by record labels. We are not legally permitted to sell these albums or tracks ourselves.

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2013-03-14 01:48:58 - PATRICIA
I've all albums, Alien Skin but Real Life too !! And I can say "I'm a happy fan!!"
2012-10-23 17:59:27 - David Slater
Very cool you have a venue to share some of your catalog, and cool to hear the changes over time. Onya George.
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