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Sitting at my computer browsing through one music archive to the next, I was reminded of how much work was done on songs I recorded with Real Life throughout the years I was with the band. As with any artist the final output that an audience hears is only a fraction of what what is actually recorded. The various song versions, recording takes, change of instrumentation and vocals, the mixes and remixes.

When I composed music and presented it to David Sterry (Real Life singer) he would know immediately whether he could turn it into a Real Life song. The chosen ones where then tuned and fine tuned to the point where they worked to everyone's satisfaction. Two original albums followed: 'Happy' (1997) & 'Imperfection' (2003) and the remix album 'Happier' (1999).

We toured these albums extensively throughout the US, Germany & Australia. Deciding in 2005 we could take the band no further, spelled the end of Real Life as a recording unit. The final 2 songs we recorded together (by this stage, the band consisted of David and myself) were Way to Nowhere and Small World - both co-writes. They feature David's distinctive, cutting voice and my production.

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2015-11-21 09:54:30 - Stefan Olfen
Dear George, Small World is fantastic! Thanks for that!!!! Kind regards from germany.
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