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I've just discovered a nifty little widget which I am putting into good use.

I am now able to receive Voice Messages from you via the SpeakPipe web page, and I can just as easily reply to you with my voice mail, all for free of course. As long as you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can send a message.

I've already had a few people try it out and it seems like a brilliant idea. Every one is welcome, and I do my best to reply to each message I receive. So, if your microphone isn't already built into your computer make sure it's plugged in, and send me a voice message.

Just click the image below, it will transfer you to the SpeakPipe website from where you follow the simple prompts to record your voice & send your voicemail.

Remember, if you want me to reply you MUST include your email address!

... without a correct email address I cannot reply to you with my voice message. At least please state your name and where you are from, so I can better remember you:)

I'd love to hear what people sound like, it's so much more than just reading text.

... so let's go!

Click our little friend above to send me a voice message now!

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2012-05-25 20:32:04 - DEITY
I just sent mine! oh my :)
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