Alien Skin


photographJust recently George Pappas released the exceptional Winter On Mars which we reviewed. A couple of years before that he released Creature with the Human Face. Creature with the Human Face is arguably a more accessible album. Pappas does implement warm overtones with a number of different types of synth sounds as well as transition and parts which those who don’t explore the fringe of what music might not be accustomed to but also throws in a couple of songs that you could see working in a dark goth dance club.

‚ÄčTake for instance the beat heavy “Darkness Knows No Shame” which may be the catchiest song on the album. The song implements a 4/4 beat with a thick bass drum that really drives the groove. Pappas isn’t lazy when it comes to production on songs like this. You can easily bob your head to the groove or put on some headphones and explore the subterranean synths that provide an extra layer of energy.

The following song “Amelia” is more subdued but also one you can dance to. “Amelia” is a little more dark and mystic sounding but not something the club kids would veer away from.

There are plenty of songs which are much more atmospheric with not much backbone. “In Liquid Glass I Float” is one of those songs that relies on airy vocals and arpeggiated synths. The title track is a song that is a near perfect blend of catchy vocal melodies and experimentation. It’s warm and dark but his vocals create a unique juxtaposition that works out quite well in the long run.

Pappas continues to showcase ingenuity when it comes to thinking outside the box. Take for instance the very unique breakdown on “Life on Earth”  or the descending synths you hear on “At Night She's Dark.”

Pappas manages to create a cohesive album that is also quite eclectic. The palette of sounds feels like it coming from the same place but each song's attention to detail feels unique. If you’re new to Alien Skin Creature with the Human Face may be a great introduction but I’d also make sure to give Winter On Mars a spin as well. [Ted Rogan for No More Division]

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