Alien Skin



I am working on my NEXT Alien Skin album release, CD & download.

It will include many reMastered fan favourites like Razor Arms, The Unquiet Grave, Saviour, The Secret Garden, The Spirit Is Willing, With Your Sad Eyes, Cold, After the Funeral, The Model [Kraftwerk} and many more. In fact as many as a 72 minute CD will hold.

You may even offer your suggestion for a song to be considered for reMaster, as I still haven't finished yet!

All mixes have been tweaked enough to provide the best audio source for reMastering. The songs are now punchier, crisper, smoother, louder and far more exciting and appealing. They leap out of the speakers in a way the originals did not.

This will go on sale when complete BUT I am offering a free download to all people who register their interest now.

To get your free 72 minute download you need to show you have purchased my current CD album 'P.O.P. POP' from POPoNAUT, Germany. Message me the receipt and I'll register your name for the free download when ready!

Click to go to POPoNAUT

Offer is limited till Tuesday, March 5th


2019-03-14 11:39:16 - DARIO PERDOMO DE LA PRESA
Hello George, my name is Dario I'm from Mexico I follow you on facebook and youtube, I love your songs especially Cold and Razor Arms, I suggest you add your remastered album "Ghost in the rain" and "AND THROUGH THE CLOUDS" as they are great songs I'll be happy to buy your album as soon as it's released. Greetings from Veracruz, MEXICO
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