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I am currently completing work on my 6th Alien Skin CD album. Entitled A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World this new work of eleven songs is unique for me and unlike any previous Alien Skin issue.

Over the past half year of writing and recording I have shared each song with the tantalizing voice of Deity from Los Angeles. Some tracks we sing together in their entirety others she highlights and shines light where best needed. The result is something I, and indeed, we, are most proud of.

It's scheduled for release early February, 2015.

I shall also be giving away copies to members of my guest list. So, if you're not a member already, join my Alien Skin guest list get direct news & remain updated on the album's progress with the opportunity of winning your own Free CD copy [plus a free video DVD & an additional CD with 4 bonus tracks. More info later].



2014-11-19 11:09:52 - EPOLIN
Congratulations.. I understand completely.. Is better for you :)
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