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New album 'The Secret Garden' released today

The Secret Garden CD artworkThe Secret Garden CD album is released today. Featuring 11 songs with an additional two bonus tracks if purchased through my preferred retailer

I have created a dedicated special web page for the album; its history, a number of videos including an interview, a chance to listen to it in full and where to best purchase it will be found there!

I recommend you visit The Secret Garden web page for its details and news....

Click here to go to  THE SECRET GARDEN

A couple of years ago I was asked whether I considered my work as Alien Skin to be contemporary & in sync with today's 'young'. My answer still stands even more firmly I think, so I'll repeat what I wrote at that time as I occasionally get asked questions of a similar nature:

"It's been a long time since I was 16 or even 26, so I don't pretend to think I can produce an album that's convincing to people of that age group anymore. It is difficult and also uninteresting to me to even attempt at being 'contemporary'. I certainly was contemporary in my younger years, but for me it now feels so much richer to work with the experience and decades of influences I have amassed, putting them into better use for me as an artist today."

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