Alien Skin


"A lovelorn journey comprising euphoria, destruction & re-invigoration in one" [Music Existence magazine]

September 2nd sees the issue of my final CD format release.

European Electronic Cinema will be my 8th and last album available on CD as the falling demand & support for the physical medium necessitated a rethink on how I distribute music. In future all my releases will be in digital download format only.

European Electronic Cinema comprises 10 new songs; work on it began around the 2015 Christmas/New Year period and I've subtitled it 'songs & synthesizers: noir atmosphere, monochrome dreams and experimental detours'. I guess the best way to appreciate any piece of work is to listen to it yourself.

The album can be played in its entirety on my Bandcamp store page. If you love what you hear please support independent, self financed music by buying a copy - available as a final CD and/or download, also from iTunes.

European Electronic Cinema has already become my best received Alien Skin album to date and has attracted a great number of positive media reviews which you may access here







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