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It's one month since the release of my Alien Skin album, European Electronic Cinema, and for an independent artist that's like a year (or longer) to a major-name celebrity. People do forget quickly, so I wish to commemorate its 'anniversary' today with a special idea.

What I am doing is this......for today only, I am making the album available as a download from Bandcamp where you may NAME YOUR PRICE. You may even decide not to pay me's up to you.

The most frustrating struggle for independent, self financed artists, myself included, is to inspire and receive enough support from fans to enable us to continue producing music for public release.

I would love European Electronic Cinema to be in the hands of as many people as possible; it has quickly become my best received Alien Skin release to date. Read the many reviews...preview it yourself. And though I sincerely value your support through the continued purchase of my work, I nonetheless wish to make the new album yours even at no pay to me.

Having said that, I honestly cannot overstate my personal gratitude to the loyal fans who have already bought the album over the past month - your meaningful support & belief in what I do as Alien Skin makes it possible for me to keep going, logistically and motivationally.

CLICK here to go to Bandcamp and NAME YOUR PRICE to download European Electronic Cinema

Please don't delay as this offer will only last today. My Newsletter members already received email notification earlier, this offer expires in about 16 hours.

P.S. the CD format album (my final Alien Skin CD ever) is still available at Bandcamp and other shops.

All my best,


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