Alien Skin


Alien Skin in Real Life: First Draft Demos is a collection of 6 tracks I unearthed from my archives. These are original first draft demos I produced circa 1996 & 2002 for the Real Life albums 'Happy' and 'Imperfection' respectively.

The recordings were never intended to be anything else but potential springboards for David Sterry to write lyrics and melodies over. This was the work method in which most songs were generally realized and written within the band.

All titles, words and melodies of the final released songs are by David, my contribution was to create and present music sketches, examples being the tracks in this collection. Once vocals had been recorded I would then revisit the draft music, now with the addition of vocals, and often dramatically restructure and rework the songs around the vocals; this subsequent production process was always the most exhaustive both in time and experimentation.

Most of the original drafts from both 'Happy' and 'Imperfection' have gone missing over the years, others are too poor in audio quality for public release, but the 6 tracks in this collection I deem reasonable enough and presentable. I have included one track 'Untitled' which did not appear on either album although it was presented at the time of 'Imperfection' for consideration. I added it as a curiosity finding that I enjoyed listening to it all these years later.

Original albums 'Happy' and 'Imperfection' are available from Bandcamp.

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