Alien Skin


I was interviewed by Marko Maric who hosts a weekly radio segment, Synthwave Sunday, on behalf of Radio Pure Gently. During my 5 minute on-air segment I discuss my years in the band Real Life and Alien Skin. Not sufficient time to get into details but it was fun doing the interview.

You may scroll to the 1 hour 44 minute mark to hear the interview if you don't have time to listen to the entire show. The show was broadcast Sunday, February 16 and is now a permanent online podcast to be revisited at a time of your choosing.


Radio Pure Gently - Synthwave Sunday with Marko Maric - Week 3 - 16-02-2014 by Radio Pure Gently on Mixcloud



2014-03-19 13:57:16 - Kage Alan
You made the most out of your segment. Nicely done, George. =) Am glad you're keeping yourself out there front and center, plus it's a wonderful plug for the new album!
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