Alien Skin


Working on the bottom feeder level of the music industry, as most independent, self financed artists like myself do, I've taken note of an early method used by a favourite band of mine The Legendary Pink Dots (1981-present) and am putting together a totally hand made & printed (by me) collection of Alien Skin CD's.

Years ago, the Pink Dots did it with their cassette releases and all band members themselves did the drawing, colouring, pasting cardboard bits, writing text, using sticky tape, adding stamps, adding their DNA in fact....essentially presenting their music to people in such a personal & direct artist-to-fan method. The punk ethic. Few of us musicians are associated with big money Record Labels & for me even continuing to produce factory made CDs for a declining CD buying audience has become prohibitive.

Anyhow, I know a number of you in the past have repeatedly asked for CD versions of some of my compilation albums - till now these have only been available as downloads. So what I am doing is beginning with these 2 new home-made CD albums:

1. Winter Kills All It Sees: Singles Collection Volume 1
2. Tomorrow's Dead: Singles Collection Volume 2

If you order either or both, via Bandcamp, they will be hand-made to order by me, burned on my computer, artwork printed on my printer etc and I'll personalise each unique CD with your handwritten name alongside mine. Have a look at the photos I've taken and displayed on my Bandcamp page (or smaller prints below).

Check out the albums at Bandcamp, a massive total of 34 tracks between the 2 albums.

I trust at least some of you will be happy to make the personal connection and as I write on the sleeve notes 'this may be the ultimate in cottage industry, independent music culture'. Each CD-r is priced at $10.



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