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A couple of years ago I teamed up with Mila Dream (Mi*la) to produce a gorgeously delicate song of hers, My Flower On The Hill. Mila is a well versed artist from Russia that I met in 2008 via MySpace and we have been in touch ever since. She also contributed vocals to my Alien Skin song Belong, in 2010.

Mila sent me a basic demo (vocal/keyboard) of her song which I loved immediately. Receiving her final recorded vocal I spent a few days creating an Alien Skin style arrangement with some of my own pet sounds & methods.

One idea I am particularly proud of is lifting part of her vocal "and your eyes" from within the song, treating it and using it as a hook at the beginning and throughout the track. That was the defining moment where I felt the song was quite complete having a strong arrangement. Because of Mila's lovely accent, it always sounded like "angel eyes" to me:) Either way she sounds charmingly beautiful!

The middle, floating section at 2 minutes 38 seconds was the last to be created; a laborious production but again I believe it melts so wonderfully together with the whole feel of the song, adding to the atmosphere.

Mila's vocals are marvelous, the arrangement and sounds I am very happy with; all in all it was a real treat to work on My Flower On The Hill. It was a special moment in time for me. Mila's friend Daniel Paquin created the below video for the song.

If you are a member of my Alien Skin private guest list you will be receiving My Flower On The Hill as a free download, or you may have received it already. If not, that's another great reason to subscribe:)

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2012-05-25 19:58:48 - DEITY
This is very lovely. Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes. I love getting the exclusive on such beautiful music!
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