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Further/Deeper artwork photoFurther/Deeper is the 25th studio album by Australian band 'The Church'. A fan since 1981, their work has never disappointed me. I consider Steve Kilbey (singer, bassist, songwriter) one of the finest songwriters & I've had the good fortune to collaborate & record 3 songs with him, most notably 'Summer of Love' in 2012.

Further/Deeper in 2014 is just as much an iconic Church album as 'Of Skins and Heart' was in 1981. The sweeping changes over the preceding decades continue to treat the bands' work well in my opinion, I find it as relevant today as I did back in the early 80s. Their self claimed description of Further/Deeper being a meeting of Abbey Road & Dark Side of the Moon is not far fetched and on listening to the album I find myself mesmerized, buoyant & drifting in a velvet lined subterranean cavern. Some early track favourites, as I write these lines, are 'Love Philtre' 'Globe Spinning' 'Toy Head' 'Laurel Canyon'. The latter song is perhaps the only one in which the gossamer cobwebs of sunlight penetrate my underground womb. A beautiful moment.

Further/Deeper may not be an album whose merit is immediately appreciated by listeners unfamiliar with 'The Church' but like many worthwhile albums a few listens will have you hooked and charmed as it did me. I can't give you the album but I can point you to where you can listen to it in its entirety. Click the red listen button.

listen to the album for freeFree audio stream @ Rolling Stone magazine!


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