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I've unearthed more songs from the 80s, forgotten relics & demos, weather beaten recordings that are rough & raw sounding as they were never polished for release, but I hope entertaining nonetheless. I have also included liner notes on each track (on PDF) these come with the download. Some tracks go back to 1984, so that's quite a distance to travel back and recollect my memories. The album will be available only to my Alien Skin newsletter members.

The newsletter was mailed out last night, giving away this once-only new album to my membership, so if you too want a copy please join us at  (you also get 'Don't Open Till Doomsday' free, when you join).

If you're already a member, thank you so much, and keep checking your Inbox for my Alien Skin Newsletters!
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CRUSH & PICTURES from circa 1989 are 2 of these tracks:



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