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Mastering 'Ghost In The Rain' : Watch it on video!

'Ghost In The Rain' is the third Alien Skin album. Below, I feature video clips of the album's mastering session. It was a very hot Christmas Eve, 2011. The place "Deluxe Mastering Studios", Melbourne, Australia.

I have already posted a previous blog on the day's session, and may wish to read it HERE after watching the video. It features a number of new songs, unknown to you now, but they will hopefully become very familiar after February 22, when the album is released.

Do leave a comment if you wish; if you can beat the verifier challenge at the bottom. It certainly challenges me!

Comments Section

Ghost in the Rain is so brilliantly written, what an incredible song. I cherish your musical brilliance so much! Thank you for sharing this personal video on the Mastering of such gorgeous master pieces ♥ again, I'm so proud to be apart of it! :)
It was a true pleasure to have the beautiful voice of Deity on the song VANISHING GIRL. It completed the song for me, as I describe on my audio commentary for the album (coming soon). So, thanks ever so much Deity, for your contribution to the song! And you can hear her on the video. You can't miss it, it's the only female voice:)
Ah, this is such a treat! I am so looking forward to the Album! Especially since I helped with a piece of it! :) Thank you for your musical Genius ♥

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