Alien Skin


photo of album coverAlien Skin is a rather new electronic music project that originates from an eclectic background. George Pappas, the composer behind the moniker was in fact a member of hit-charting Australian band Real Life, who made big waves in the 80s with their hit single “Send Me An Angel”. Following the experience with this synth-pop act, George abandoned the easy melodies and sugary arrangement in order to create a textural, dark and haunting blend of sound that bridges the gaps between the twisted darkness of Aphex Twin and the cinematic atmospheres of Sigur Ros. This is the premise behind the Alien Skin project.

Alien Skin’s recent studio album, “Winter on Mars” is a portrait of strikingly beautiful sonic landscapes that feel strangely familiar, yet absolutely foreign, much like a red canyon on Mars. The album features 11 lush and blissfully atmospheric tracks that blend in elements such as shoegaze and dream-pop in all the right ways: Think “My Bloody Valentine” jamming with ‘Viva La Vida’ Era “Coldplay” and Slowdive.

“Winter on Mars” demonstrates George’s unique ability for blending poetic lyricism with striking sonic features, coupled with a voice that reminds me of eclectic artists including David Bowie or Iggy Pop, among others. You can buy the album on iTunes here – [Ben Corke]

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